Heartfelt Pottery

The gift of love, Handmade in New Zealand

A Selection of Ceramic Glazed Crosses

These ceramic wall crosses are made right here in New Zealand, by myself, so you are buying a truly New Zealand made item or gift, whether for yourself or someone special to you, our molds are unique to heartfelt pottery and have all been made here, for our Hearts and Crosses in our studio, which is situated 10 minutes from Kati Kati, just a skip and a jump on the map North of Tauranga, in New Zealand, we are situated  on a spray free, avocado orchard,  with a rather large array of gardens, we have Lavender Orpington’s, buff Orpington ducks, and Sebastopol geese,  it’s a beautiful relaxed atmosphere, with a fruit bowl always available  so there is a lot to get inspiration from at my back door or front

in the gallery section of this website you will find an array of photos of items grouped together to give you some ideas of the selections and also past and present items if you are after something similar or something to match, that you can’t find please feel free to contact us, and we will see what we can come up with

we have a range of glass glazed hearts and crosses that accompany or be made to match the decoupaged hearts or crosses, to give you more options for your interior designing and exterior  ( these are able to last outside as well )  we hope that you will be able to find patterns and colours that suit your homes interior or your friends or family’s home, office or garden style

enjoy browsing thru our products from ceramic plant pots, to ceramic wall dresses, ceramic hearts,  art, ceramic crosses, one off pieces of ceramic art and some gorgeous gift items, also our special edition ceramic wall flowers and outside art, from plant hangers to hanging macrame pots. All ceramics items are kiln fired ranging from 1060.c up wards, each piece made with love right here in New Zealand each piece is finished differently from glazing right thru to acrylics and decoupage.  Please enjoy your browsing, and thank you for supporting small business in New Zealand