Heartfelt Pottery

The gift of love, Handmade in New Zealand





Welcome to the home of Heartfelt pottery, NZ Made Products
We offer Items made in New Zealand Hence our crosses etc are ceramic! not MDF ( which swells when wet ) our Hearts are Ceramic, made by us not made out of plaster ( which can be inclined to leave a nasty mess of mold on your walls, so be careful for imitaions of our products, they may not be the quality you are expecting!
We make all our own Hearts and crosses for something alittle different from our mold to our finished products
We can make personalised pieces to mark weddings anniverssaries, births and special occassions, engagements etc...
We even make our own Clays! So really a New Zealand handmade product unlike alot of others that are imported then decorated.We dont support child labour :)
we send retail around the globe these make fantastic gift personalised or not,Hangers are Attached to each item, so they are ready to give or to hang
Enjoy your browsing, there are other personalised options on the about us page

Kind Regards Tania