Heartfelt Pottery

The gift of love, Handmade in New Zealand

Easy Ordering


* Choose your desired product off the product list or page

*  follow thru to shape etc,,,,desired

* click on the picture, to select the item and bring up the shopping cart
 A double click on the picture will enlarge it

* click on add to cart on the right hand side

* use top  broswer back arrow to get back to page being veiwed the Website also has a back to... in the middle of the header

* either select more items or continue to browse and enjoy :)

* You will find your shopping cart on the lefthand side, scroll downwards to find it.

*  when your order is complete you can either go to the shopping cart or if you have just selected your last item, choose the checkout option and that will take you to address etc and payment options, 
* you are able to delete your items at the last phase in the shopping cart, which will help you to be able to sort your favorites out! as there are so many beautiful hearts :)
* So quite simply add all the ones you want them delete them till you get down to your favorites :)
Any problems please feel free to text or email me, or if you find this is not working for any reason, please email or text me with your required choices,,,  or phone me directly, we are a New Zealand based business
Kind regards Heartfelt pottery
Hand made in New Zealand
Thank you for supporting small business in New Zealand